Ban Them All

Watch videos uploaded by the BTA Community and decide if players should be punished.

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Just do it
Join us
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The community decides

Your uploaded video will be reviewed by the Ban Them All community. If they think, there should be taken actions against the player, the video will be sent to the gaming developers.

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Get'em out

By discovering what software can't, we can create a fairer and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our community sorts players out, so that devs don't have to. As a result, gaming developers can focus on taking actions faster and punish players who deserve it.

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Our vision

It is our goal to create a strong community so that BanThemAll may be established as the premier platform for exposing toxic players and cheaters. We are confident that with your support, BanThemAll will be able to approach the game developers to work alongside them to make the reporting process more efficient.